MS Duplus was built as an experimental multipurpose twinhull vessel for diving support, subsea work and other activities such as pipeline anchoring and soils investigations.

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MS DUPLUS (IMO 6903230)

‘MS Duplus’ 3-D view.

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The Duplus may be considered as one of the first SWATH (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) vessels. This is a twin-hull ship design that minimizes hull volume in the surface area of the sea, where wave energy is located. Thus the vessel becomes very stable, even in high seas and at high speeds. The bulk of the displacement necessary to keep the ship afloat is located beneath the waves, where it is not affected by wave action. This is similar in concept to submarines at periscopic depth, which are also not affected by wave action.

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1968 Original name:

‘MS Duplus’


‘Jaramac 57’


‘Twin Drill’