Special thanks to Nicole Koot and Lidy van der Zwaan who organized 5 very successful reunions in 1987, 1994 , 2001, 2010 and 2014.


Thanks to Lidy van der Zwaan, Nicole Koot and Jan Klop for their assistance in compiling the list of names of former colleagues, and of course Hans van Wyhe for providing some 40 additional names and all others who contributed with suggestions, names and photographs.


Photo contributions: Gerard Hoogveld, Bauke Koudenburg , Ben Metselaar, Co van Oeveren, Paul Schaap (PAS Publicaties), Peter Schönfeld, Henk Vastenholt, Anne Visser, Hans van Wyhe, Dirk Jan Zwart, Kees Nieuwland, Bert Stuit, Ruurdt Stuiver, Hans Malegiannakis, Elly Taal and Robert Glaser.



The first edition of this site was published in December 1999 and only consisted of some 4 photos. The positive response from former colleagues prompted me to continue with the site and expand it. Thanks to the numerous contributions it has grown to what it is today.

Since the original publication of 1999 numerous updates have taken place. The largest number of updates took place during the period 2000 through 2003 when lists of names and plenty of photographs were made available, particularly after the 2001 reunion.

Throughout the years numerous photos have been added including the conversion of the Blue Whale and Sea Lion I, the building of the Narwhal. Operational pictures include the Blue Whale offshore New Zealand.
Thanks to all those who contributed.


Robert H.M. Glaser

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