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This website is dedicated to all former employees of Netherlands Offshore Company (NOC), a place where exciting things happened, innovative techniques were developed and challenging projects executed. It was a great place to work with many memorable moments and many interesting characters.

Brief Company History:

NOC was established as ‘Nederlandse Maatschappij voor Werken Buitengaats’ on January 13th. 1966 by a group of five leading Dutch dredging and civil engineering contractors:

· Baggermaatschappij Bos & Kalis

· Koninklijke Adriaan Volker

· Van Hattum & Blankevoort

· Baggermaatschappij Dirk Verstoep

· Hollandse Beton Maatschappij and Hollandse Aanneming Maatschappij


The first activities of the company included the construction and operation of a twin-hulled multipurpose vessel the ‘DUPLUS’ which had been designed for diving, subsea work and soil sampling.


In 1971 the decision was made to become active in the offshore installation work of platforms and pipelines and a suitable vessel, the ‘MS Soya-Atlantic’, was procured to be converted into the Derrick & Lay Barge (DLB) ‘MS Orca’.


At the same time the name was changed to Netherlands Offshore Company (NOC).


NOC was very successful for several years until the late 1970’s. The parent companies who themselves were going through difficult times were unable to sustain NOC and they jointly decided to sell the vessels. In April 1979 a statement was issued that discussions with Heerema about the vessels had not resulted in any agreement. Later, in September 1979 the Orca, Blue Whale and Sea Lion were sold to Oceanic Contractors (McDermott) who used them in a Joint Venture with CMM in Mexico. In 1981 Constructiones Maritimas Mexicanas (Protexa) became the owner of these three vessels were operated under the following names: Orca as Mixteco; Blue Whale as Tolteca; Sea Lion I as Huasteco.


The Narwhal was modified by McDermott (the crane was moved from midships to the stern) and renamed to DB-101. The Duplus was renamed to Jaramac 57 and operated by McDermott for several years and then sold to International Underwater Contractors (IUC) in 1984. Left without any working tools NOC was doomed to vanish from the offshore scene.


During recent years all vessels but the Tolteca (ex Blue Whale) have been dismantled .


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